Surgical Microscope

Dental Operating Microscope

No matter how big or small an endodontic procedure is, endodontics require a significant amount of attention to detail and preciseness. When such intricacy is involved, a dental operating microscope will be very beneficial.

Since most procedures are carried out in the dark and confined space, a dental operating microscope is instrumental in the outcome of treatment.

Think about it. A fraction of a millimeter can decide the results of a root canal or retreatment.

The key is its illumination and magnification. These two components significantly impact the treatment area visual, the assessment of the surgical technique and allow for fewer x-rays.

Fortunately, dental operating microscopes have considerably improved over the past decade, which has substantially help with the intricacy of restorative dentistry.

Let’s explore what a dental operating microscope is, the benefits and the attributes of a dental operating microscope:

What is a Dental Operating Microscope?

A dental operating microscope is an optical microscope that is intended to be used in procedures that require resolution well beyond the .2mm limit of the human eyes.

An operating microscope is the tool of choice for endodontists because of the intricacy of their procedures.

The Benefits of Using a Dental Operating Microscope?

Dental operating microscopes have a numerous amount of advantages. Some these advantages include…


With a simple turn of the dial, the operating microscope may provide 3x to 30x magnification.


To compensate for the lack of light during a procedure, LED light or fiber optic lighting, which is mounted on the microscope head, is used to provide the endodontist with a white, bright light.


Since an operating microscope provides extreme magnification, the endodontist can be as precise as possible with every complicated procedure; access tapered, small canal opening without having to remove tooth structure.

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