Ozone Therapy for Endodontics

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Endodontics offers a unique philosophy in dentistry by focusing on the health of dental pulp as its signature tenet. Our dentists, Dr. Eddie Halasa and Dr. Rita Hung, employ this natural preventive strategy and include advanced ozone therapy to fight off the bacteria and pathogens that typically cause most oral health problems. We strive to make you comfortable, provide advanced oral health services and prevent most cases of tooth decay with biological dentistry.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy: What Is It?

Our team includes dentists with a strong commitment to endodontics. Our signature ozone therapy treats tooth pulp in a highly effective manner by killing off hidden bacteria and pathogens that typically invade the tubule structures of the mouth. The dental ozone gas we use can treat tooth surfaces, interior pulp and root canal sites. The 3-atom ozone molecule is one of the most powerful oxidizers available and has no disturbing side effects. It can kill organisms 2,500 times faster than chlorine.

How does it work?

Ozone, also known as trioxygen, works well in air, in water and on solid surfaces to kill both single-cell and multicellular microbes including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The triple blast of oxygen attaches to the walls of pathogens and kills the organism quickly. The therapy also strengthens tooth enamel, lowers tooth sensitivity and improves oral health by killing pathogens that target the gums.

The Ideal Disinfectant

Ozone is an ideal disinfectant because it’s a natural substance produced by electrical charges like lightning. The unique, clean smell of the air after a thunderstorm is a good example of this. Our team uses an ozone generator in the office to produce ozone gas on demand. There’s no storage, unnatural chemicals or wasted resources, which make ozone therapy an ideal disinfectant solution for environmentalists and naturalists.

Our advanced endodontic treatments are surprisingly affordable. In addition to ozone therapy, we offer advanced preventive and treatment services that include:

As you learn more about endodontics, we believe you'll be favorably impressed with our natural pathway to better dental health. Ozone therapy is one of our specialties.

Ozone Therapy Machine

Better and Safer Restorative Dentistry

Ozone therapy is an ideal solution for disinfecting the surfaces of gums and teeth and the interior areas where the tooth pulp is located. We irrigate the canals with ozonated water, and we seal the canals after filling the area with slow insufflations of ozonated water. The water diffuses through the canals, lateral canals and tubules to kill pathogens and restore pulp health.

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As specialists serving the Coachella Valley, we offer two offices to serve you in Palms Springs and Rancho Mirage. We are fully accredited members of the American Association of Endodontics. As an important part of our practice, we believe strongly in educating our patients about endodontics procedures and offering other helpful information. We always provide the highest standards of care for our patients in a comfortable, friendly environment.

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