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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a nonsurgical endodontic treatment that treats the inside of an infected, inflamed, irritated or damaged tooth or dental pulp. Typically, this is caused by a deep cavity, chip or cracked tooth, trauma to the face or large fillings.

Typically, the dental pulp is found in the center of the tooth that is made up of living connective cells and tissues, such as nerves and blood vessels.

With that, a root canal treatment removes the pulp inside the tooth allowing the endodontist the ability to clean, shape, fill and seal the tooth. Essentially, repairing, restoring and saving the neglected tooth.

The Benefits of a Root Canal

Even though root canal therapy can improve an individual’s oral health and well-being, about 50% of Americans are terrified of this procedure. However, if you can get over the mental hump, there are several benefits to getting a root canal:

Relieve Toothache

Having an infected tooth is no joke and can be very painful. Not only that, you may have trouble eating your favorite meal, swelling of the gums or even having a nasty smell or taste in your mouth.

Root canal therapy can address and successfully help you regain your comfort while relieving your toothache.

Simple Procedure

Some people may think that root canal therapy is a complex treatment. Fortunately, that is not the case. In fact, root canals are a very simple procedure, similar to getting a tooth filling. Usually, the treatment should be relatively quick and takes about one or two appointments.

Save a Tooth

Losing a tooth may be an aesthetic issue that most of us will not want to have. Seriously, who wants a gap in their mouth? With that, a root canal can provide the ability to save a tooth from extraction or falling out due to a badly decayed tooth that could have been treated.

Improve Dental Health

Protecting a beautiful smile is important to all of us, but an infected tooth can take that away very quickly. That is why a root canal is essential to proper oral health to those with damaged or infected teeth.

Most people do not know, but not treating an infected tooth can cause bacteria to enter your bloodstream and potentially travel through your body. By being proactive, you can maintain your oral and personal health.

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