Laser Endodontic Treatment

Rancho Mirage, CA and Palm Springs, CA

Dr. Eddie Halasa, Dr. Rita Hung and our team at Rancho Mirage Palm Springs Endodontics subscribe to the latest advanced endodontic technologies to provide outstanding patient care in a comfortable and friendly environment in our Coachella Valley offices. Our laser endodontic treatment serves to illustrate this point. Laser treatments provide greater precision and accuracy during complex root canals, and the Fotona laser greatly reduces ambient bacteria.

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Fotona Laser With SSP and SWEEPS® Endodontic Treatment

The Fotona laser is redefining root canal therapy. The laser not only removes foreign matter and decay with layer-by-layer precision but also sterilizes the area. Our dentists can maintain complete control and clean out the area of the root canal faster and more accurately than ever. Endodontic treatments generally involve protecting the health of dental pulp, and there’s no safer way to approach a root canal than using this advanced laser.

It’s difficult to locate every speck of foreign matter when irrigating a root canal. Disinfection also poses problems, but the Fotona laser provides an advanced technological solution to both problems. In the hands of our skilled team, our dentists supervise these minimally invasive treatments. The laser removes foreign matter before disinfecting the entire area.

The Difference in Endodontic Treatments

Endodontics focuses primarily on maintaining healthy tooth pulp, which prevents many common tooth problems. Less than 3% of all dentists focus on endodontics, but it’s the core of our practice. Our specialists train for at least two additional years on diagnosing the causes of tooth pain and treating them to restore tooth health. We believe in the value of saving your natural teeth, and we use endodontic technologies as the most natural way to protect teeth.

The Super Short Pulse, SSP, irrigation uses the laser to generate photoacoustic waves that are clearly superior at cleaning and debriding the teeth. The canals and subcanals are left clean and disinfected, and the technology even disinfects hard-to-reach areas of the tubules where pathogens hide away from standard disinfection methods. Using synchronized pairs of pulses accelerates the collapse of bubbles, which generates shock waves that reach even the narrowest root canals.

Our Suite of Endodontic Services

We offer the following endodontic services in addition to laser endodontic therapy:

  • Ozone disinfecting therapy
  • Endodontic retreatment
  • Root canal therapy
  • Apicoectomy
  • Sleep and sedation dentistry
  • Cone beam CT scan
  • Surgical microscope
Endodontic Laser

We have two Coachella offices to serve you in Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs. Our convenient offices are part of our focus on tooth health, and our technologies employ sustainable, natural ways to promote better oral health. The more you know about endodontic procedures, the better they sound. They’re preventive, proactive, sustainable and natural because they focus on tooth health.

Make an appointment today at either location to further explore the benefits of laser endodontic treatment by Dr. Halasa, Dr. Hung and our team. 

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